We can accommodate up to 170 people for dinner and a show. Large office parties, Christmas parties, Birthdays, Stags, Stagettes, Fundraisers, Roasts, Divorce Papers, … we celebrate anything!

Absolute Comedy is proud to contribute to our community by offering special fundraiser nights for local charities. If you have a group that is interested in holding an event with us, please call (613) 233 - 8000 to arrange a special evening in your group’s honor.

Here’s how it works:
We sell you tickets for a night at our club at a discount for any Sunday to Thursday night. You sell the tickets at any price you like and all proceeds are yours.

What we do for you:
We provide the comedians and a fully staffed comedy club and restaurant for an awesome 90 min show.
We provide you with tickets that you can sell.
We will assist in a 50/50 draw before and after the show.

What you do:
You will sell tickets to the event (at any price you wish. We suggest ~$15-$20.)
Help promote your event, raise awareness for the cause and help promote our club at the same time.
Provide a few volunteers to sell 50/50 tickets at the event.

What your costs are:
You buy tickets in advance at a discount. Min 50 tickets. The first 100 tickets are sold at 50% off our regular door price (Currently $7.50 on Tues, Wed, Thurs or Sun., The next 50 are sold at an even better price - $7.00 per ticket. The final 30 tickets would go down to $6.50 eachTickets must be purchased by cash or cheque only.

What you can make:
Realistically, On a Thursday, if you sell 120 tickets for $15, the door will be $1800. A 50/50 draw could also realistically raise ~$150.
This totals ~$1950. Minus the cost of the tickets, you could raise over $1200 and have a blast while doing it

Other stuff you should know:
The minimum amount of tickets that can be purchased is 50. You can buy tickets in packs of 25 afterwards. The Funds raised must be for an accredited charity. We will not provide tickets to raise money for breast implants or to send you and your buddies to Cancun etc. Remember to over-sell a bit. 10 to 20% of people you sell tickets to may just be supporting the cause and may not show up for the event.

Book a night early. Give yourself 4 to 5 weeks to sell tickets.

Monday and Tuesday nights may also be available.

Call the box office at (613) 233 - 8000 for more information or to book your fundraising night

Showtimes & Prices
Wednesday $15 8:30PM
Thursday $15 8:30PM
Friday $20 8:30PM
Saturday $20 8:00PM

A credit card or deposit may be required to GUARANTEE YOUR RESERVATION. For better seating choice and better service, please arrive 40 minutes prior to Showtime (2 hours before Showtime for Dinners). Please call us as soon as possible if you are running late or if there are any changes in your party’s numbers. 24 hours prior to showtime. You will lose your reservation and seating priority if you arrive less than 30 min prior to Showtime and have not called us.

ALL shows contain adult content, and are intended for an 19+ audience. Persons under the age of 19 can be admitted if accompanied by an adult. However, we do not recommend bringing anyone under the age of 16. If you are actually thinking of bringing your 12 year daughter …. or your 10 year old nephew… are probably a horrible parent.

Purchase tickets to a show at the comedy club and receive 15% off of your stay