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412 Preston St. Ottawa

Joey Elias (MC)
Joey Elias is a Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, and Host. As a seasoned professional, Joey travels worldwide headlining, performing at private corporate functions, and making numerous media appearances. Experience: Joey Elias started doing comedy in 1992 after losing a pool hall bet to his friend. Since then, Joey Elias has appeared in no less than 12 Just For Laughs Festivals and the 2004 and 2006 Just For Laughs Cross Canada Tour. In 2004, he travelled to Afghanistan, for the first time, to entertain Canadian troops. Joey has also appeared in his own Canadian National TV special “Comedy Now!” After last summer’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Joey was chosen by two out of three comedy aficionados in the Montreal Gazette as the act they would most like to see again. Joey Elias is also spreading his horizons into the realm of acting. From stage to screen, Joey has appeared in several roles including: “The Art of War,” “The Wool Cap” with William H. Macy, and “The Day After Tomorrow” with Dennis Quaid. Joey now travels all across North America, headlining clubs and making numerous TV appearances. Joey also hosts the annual Joey Elias Charity Golf Classic to raise funds for Diabetes every summer.
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Monday $6 ** 8:30PM
Tuesday $7 ** 8:30PM
Wednesday $8 ** 8:30PM
Thursday $12 ** 8:30PM
Friday (Early) $17 ** 8:00PM
Friday (Late) $17 ** 10:30PM
Saturday (Early) $20 ** 8:00PM
Saturday (Late) $20 ** 10:30PM
Sunday $12 ** 8:00PM
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