Performing This Week

Tue, May 28 - Sun, Jun 2

412 Preston St. Ottawa
Benji Rothman (Headliner)

Hi I’m Benji Rothman. I’m from Vancouver, Canada,. I’ve been performing stand-up comedy and writing on a variety of different comedy platforms for five years. I’ve traveled all over Canada, Australia and parts of the U.S. performing in comedy clubs, theatres, bars, laundromats, some guy’s apartment, you name it. Within the last few years I have began rheadlining the clubs in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto. Recently, I’ve expanded my repertoire to include playwriting, sketch comedy, acting for television, and writing for television.

I am a three-time performer at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and Oddblock Comedy Festival, and in 2017, I was a finalist for SiriusXM Canada’s Top Comic. In 2017 began touring my Fringe show Nothing In Particular, a 45-minute variety show. This year I’ve been touring Canada doing standup, and writing for Melbourne-based talk show Mainland Tonight.

Showtimes & Prices
(Open Mic)
$10 8:30PM
(Moose McGuire's Orleans)
$15 8:00PM
Tuesday $15 8:30PM
Wednesday $15 8:30PM
Thursday $15 8:30PM
Friday (Early) $23 8:00PM
Friday (Late) $23 10:30PM
Saturday (Early) $23 8:00PM
Saturday (Late) $23 10:30PM
Sunday $15 8:00PM

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